EURESPONSIBLE e.V. is a non-profit, public-benefit association and depends on donations to work independently. Donations enable us to carry out our public-benefit purposes, which according to the fiscal code of Germany are defined in the advancement of the following fields.

  • Science and research (§ 52 subsection 2 (1) no. 1)
  • Education (§ 52 subsection 2 (1) no. 7)
  • Nature conservation (§ 52 subsection 2 (1) no. 8)
  • Consumer counselling and consumer protection (§ 52 subsection 2 (1) no. 16)

German tax authorities have confirmed our public-benefit status, which allows us to issue tax-relevant (depending on tax laws in your country) donation receipts.

Please use the following acount for your donation.

Euresponsible e.V.

Account number: 1176144600

Bank Identification Number: 43060967

Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

IBAN: DE02 4306 0967 1176 1446 00


The sender’s reference should state your name and your place of residence and “donation to Euresponsible e.V.”.

We are grateful for all donations that support our organisation, no matter the amount. We hope to build EURESPONSIBLE to a platform for many EU citizens, who together can have a positive impact on shaping a sustainable Europe, which determines so much of our lives.

Thank you very much!


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