Do companies act responsibly, the way we citizens would like them to? [1] Do they contribute to securing our standards and our jobs? In our Index we list companies that commit to becoming good corporate citizens and already deliver best-practice in many fields.

In our EURESPONSIBLE INDEX we will list companies that wish to be socially, ecologically and economically responsible and in many fields already are. We have high expectations towards corporate behaviour and our criteria for listing companies clearly reflect this. These criteria are based on standard international recommendations. However, Euresponsible goes beyond standard Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as it emphasises the commitment companies make to reach long-term economic stability in the European Common Market (and all national markets included in it). For it is economic stability that enables consumers to purchase goods and services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We are aware that companies cannot always fully commit to sustainability in all spheres. However, we do wish to list those that take a whole-hearted approach.

All index companies are asked to attach a label to their goods, which indicates the result of a responsibility assessment carried out by Euresponsible. The label will show their level of commitment to contributing to help build an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable Europe.


If you have any suggestions for companies that should be listed do contact us using the following email address:

[1] In a 2013 survey, the EU asked European citizens for their opinion on the impact of companies on our society. (TNS Eurobarometer „How companies influence our society: Citizens’ view“). The result shows citizens’ expectations towards corporate responsibility.

  • Approx. 60 percent of the respondents stated that creating jobs is the most positive contribution any company could make. 31 percent stated training and job advancement, 27 percent innovation and 25 percent paying taxes in their home markets.
  • Roughly 40 percent of respondents see cutting jobs, environmental destruction and corruption as the most relevant negative contributions of companies to society. 35 percent mentioned poor working conditions.

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