We have a hidden agenda. What we have started to outline on our pages are the first steps of a programme for improving the eco-social footprint and market stability of the EU. We anticipate that this could have positive spill-over effects on other markets and ultimately on the entire global market. Thus, by following our suggestions, you may actually play an active part in implementing the following three-phase programme …


  • Encouraging continued strong eco-social commitment of EU producers
  • Educating great numbers of EU consumers in eco-social responsibility
  • Establishing EU mass consumer preference for EU-produced goods


  • Encouraging politicians to install surveillance systems for measuring market-specific eco-social limits for trade
  • Persuading politicians to enforce the same high eco-social commitment from all producers selling in the Single Market
  • Asking politicians to support individual non-EU states in qualifying their producers, through applying EU eco-social production norms, for selling goods in the EU Single Market


  • Demanding the establishment of common global production norms and global enforcement systems
  • Demanding the introduction of eco-neutral, socially qualified and economically justified trade