Ideas need people who are inspired by them and, hence, will communicate and help implement them. We are looking for people who can contribute to making our vision reality.

As a supporter you can identify with EURESPONSIBLE and help us increase awareness among friends and contacts. You can also spread news on our initiatives and activities. Above all, you can participate in shaping a sustainable and responsible Europe through your own purchasing behavior, emphasising goods and services Made in Europe, preferably even made in your own region.

As a sponsor you can support EURESPONSIBLE by occasional donations and by actively helping to enlarge the network of sponsors. We have just started our activities and we are currently investing hundreds of unpaid hours a month to contribute our part to shaping a fair and fully sustainable Europe. The founder of EURESPONSIBLE has donated a full year to set up this organisation. We would like to establish EURESPONSIBLE as a fully fledged NGO and employ experts and scientists that can work full time to reach our goals. We can then also start implementing our first social projects, some of which will be pilot projects, demonstrating that there are alternative forms of economic interaction, others offsetting negative effects of globalization. We are a public benefit association under German law. As such we may issue tax deductible donation receipts – provided your country’s tax regulations allow for such deductions. We are grateful for donations of any category to support this organization.

As a professional partner (i.e. scientist or expert) you can help us consolidate our theories and line of thinking in various fields. You may also provide us with your expert knowledge in the form of guest articles that help initiate positive change in our society.

As a CEO or member of the top management of a company you can support the establishment of a responsible and sustainable European common market by identifying with EURESPONSIBLE and supporting our organization, as well as listing in the EURESPONSIBLE INDEX.

Your contribution is important! Please register as a fan * and let us know in which way you would like to contribute:

Also, kindly allow us to store your e-mail address in our database so that we may contact you when we have news on initiatives and projects. Please tell us if you do not agree to this type of data storage.

* Registration is free and does not constitute any obligations.

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