Many of us are not concerned with politics. That’s understandable, because politics is often a difficult subject. But politics has a great impact on our lives and it is, therefore, important that we form our own opinion about certain policies. And we must take care that politics and policies are good for us.

Politics makes the laws that govern our lives. Politics determines how citizens are situated vis-à-vis other citizens, or in relation to our state or the economy.

Work-related topics, retirement provisions, the economy at large, our environment, health care, education, family support, social security, transport … these are just some of the areas in which laws are discussed and adopted by the relevant parliaments.

Some areas, such as the Foreign and Security Policy, are not always governed by laws. Rather, politicians ratify international treaties or make spontaneous decisions on important events.

The most important decisions of the ruling government must be approved by a majority of the elected Members of Parliament (MP). Each MP may decide according to his own conscience, but most decisions tend to correspond to the statements and programmes that parties published during or following elections.

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